Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas was fantastic! I could have honestly said this year I could have done with out the presents for myself. My kids made Christmas so complete. Christmas Eve we went sledding, and my kids tore it up. They wore Cam and I out. Tyson wanted to go to bed at 5 pm, he was so excited for Santa. Christmas morning Tyson came running in our bedroom at 4:00 am announcing Santa had come. That little sneak. Although I was awfully tempted to let him go open presents, we kept him in bed with us until 7:30. Christmas day we went to my parents, and the day after Christmas we were able to celebrate Christmas again at the Stewart's, BONUS! Here are some fun pics of the holiday festivities. My blogging friends I am starting to be more regular on my postings. Yipee.

Monday, December 17, 2007

So I finally thought I had this blog thing figured out. Obviously if you have visited before things look different. I changed the background layout and somehow erased all of my picture journaling and some pics. Oh well, what more do you expect from me. I posted these Christmas pictures from last year because it was quite eventful. I love Christmas time, I love all the traditions and memories made. Last Christmas Eve we were driving home from the Vegas bowl and all came down with the "Family Flu". It was horrible! We did our best to keep Christmas rolling. As you can tell from Rileys crazy hair, things were a little bit crazy!. I LOVE CHRISTMAS.