Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Italy Slideshow

Anniversary in Italy

See the slide show of our Italy trip below. To celebrate our anniversaries, a friend of mine and I surprised our wives with a trip to Italy. We spent a day in Rome, a day in Florence, a day in Venice, a day on the Italian Riveria, and a day in Pisa and Tuscany. It was like Ferris Bueller's Day off everyday, cramming things in. One of the coolest trips we've taken. Our favorites were Venice and The Vatican, with Tuscany and the Riveria close seconds. We road trains, subways, and buses all over the place and drove our rental car around the country. The food is either phenomenal or average and everything is super pricey. But hey... it was Italy!!! Mi Amore'

Friday, March 14, 2008

Tyson turning 5

Tyson is 5, I can not believe it! He had his first friend birthday party this year. It was so much fun. Obviously Ninja Turtles was the theme. Cam dressed up as Master Splinter and took the kids on a training course. Tyson is already planning his next party, I love that boy!!