Friday, May 23, 2008

I am back finally to the blogging world. I am sure alot of you have taken me off your friends list by now, I will try to earn back your forgiveness. We have been busy with everything but nothing - you know how that is. I turned the big 30! Finally I have arrived. Cam spoiled me and surprised me with a shopping trip to buy patio furniture. I love, love it. So does Riley, as you can see she took a nice little nap on it the other day. Tysons Preschool graduation was last night. I cant believe he will be going to kindergarton next year. I will miss my little buddy. So stay tuned for more updates from the Stewarts!

One of the biggest events going on in the Stewart Household is Tyson spent some time last week in Primary Childrens Hospital. He was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease. No, it is not related to motorcycles. It is a virus that attacks kids blood vessels and heart. We feel so blessed that we caught it in time and so far no damage has been done to his heart. He was so brave and tough. I could not have been prouder of him. Now it is just an aspirin a day, and weekly trips to the Doctors for some blood draws. He is a trooper!