Saturday, September 13, 2008

Summer Wrap-up / Off to School!

Tyson's first day of kindergarten. He loves it! I think we arrived at the bus stop 30 minutes early, he was so excited.

Riley's first day of Preschool. The biggest trial with this was potty training. Although I have lots of funny/frustrating stories, she is doing much better. She loves, loves school. She tries to sneak on the bus with Tyson almost every morning.

Riley and her Girlfriends!!

Riley and Mommy day at Thanksgiving Point.

Tyson will do anything to earn money these days just to buy more toys. He has a hard time parting with any of his toys, so he prefers to sell Rileys.

My two little superheros. Brings back lots of memories for me. Rileys wonder woman outfit is mine from when I was little.

Can Not get any cuter!

My crazy Tyson prefers to play the Wii this way.

Dinosaur Museum

Flaming Gorge Family Reunion.